Monday, July 15, 2013

Sisters Oudtoor Quilt Show - part 2

As promised, here are the rest of my pictures from the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. (actually - I thought I had set this to auto post... but apparently not!) 

I liked the way this one blended some traditional piecing in the background with the pictorial quality of the flower in the foreground... so pretty!

 There were quite a few modern quilts on display, and this one just looked like a party - so colorful and fun!

And here's another quilt with a sense of humor - the moustache quilt made with shirts from the quilter's husband.

I saw a lot of Halloween quilts and they're inspiring me to make one for myself... but this one went way above and beyond the others - the haunted house was very 3-D and had so many little details. 


Just one little bit of detail... seriously, the whole thing was so intricate, I loved it.  I can't imagine how many hours of work would have gone into this - in the planning alone!

Every year there's a quilt group called "Cover-to-Cover" who read a book and make some quilts inspired by the book.  This year the book was Hugo, and the quilts were, as usual, amazing.

The quilting looked like clock-work and they even included gears ... so cool!

This one was all stitch-work... there's no piecing, just painting with thread - amazing.

 Detail of the mechanical man.  Loved it!

 In the city hall, they displayed a quilt project called "Two Rivers, Three Sisters" and what they had done was have several quilt artist each create a quilt including the river... and then they were displayed as one flowing river.

Each individual quilt was gorgeous and incredibly detailed on its own... but the end result was breathtaking.


I couldn't fit the entire display in one shot... but you get the idea.

So that's it.  I actually have a bunch more pictures, but this gives you more than a little taste of the show.  I took a much more laid-back approach to this show... and I'm sure I missed several sections.  But as usual it was well worth the trip out there.  I would encourage any of you quilters out there to visit, and even send a quilt there to show.  Such a fun event for the quilting community!!

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