Monday, May 6, 2013


So yeah... um... sometimes I craft!  But mostly I'm going to grad school.  And mostly the folks who read this blog follow me on facebook, so I'm mostly just posting these pictures so I can share them elsewhere.

But a big warm "Hi" and a hug to anyone who is actually reading this.  I kinda miss blogging and I wish I still had time to do it.  =)

 So this is a scarf that I made from some alpaca I bought at Oregon Flock and Fiber... years ago!  The main color way is called "October" and being an October gal... I just had to have it. I also had some slightly heavier alpaca in a simple brown that I used for a few stripes... just to give the scarf a bit of character.

Once again I think I wove it too loosely.  It's a lace-weight yarn and I'm using a 10 dpi heddle.  I really need to figure that out.  I'm sure there's a chart somewhere. 

But it's drapey and pretty and hopefully I'll find an occasion to wear it soon.

 And here is the scarf I made back when I took that weaving class... I don't think I ever posted pictures of the finished product.

It's wrinkled because I wore it quite a lot over the winter... love the colors, I think it turned out well.