Sunday, April 15, 2012


Here are a few other quilts that I have in progress.  I'm really trying to finish these up before starting anything new because I am absolutely itching to buy an Ashford rigid heddle loom so I can learn to weave.  But as craft-crazy as I am, I do know that if I keep starting new hobbies, I'll never get any of these done!

Evergreen pyramids:

I had actually gotten as far as cutting out all the pieces and laying out the design, but then I decided that there were entirely too many light-light colors in the mix, so I kinda brought it back to square one and started buying more fabric.  I have several more dark greens now, and plan to start cutting them out this weekend.

Half-square triangle quilt, part 2:

I've been trying to transition my quilting stash into batiks, so I've cut up a good bit of my non-batiks to make these little half square triangles.  I have a couple pinwheel blocks left over from two previous quilts, and lots and lots and lots of HSTs.  I haven't yet settled on a design idea yet, I may just set all the triangles going the same way, but I might do some kind of zig-zag design.  I have to look at how many squares of each color I have to see what will work.

Scrabble part 2:

As soon as I finished up my first scrabble quilt for J., my sister declared that she wanted one as well.  Fortunately I bought most of the fabrics at the Fabric Depot outdoor sale (back when they had outdoor sales!) and had to buy full yard cuts... so I had enough of most of them to make both quilts.  I just had to order more of the letter fabric.

I've been plugging away on this one.  Putting together one quadrant at a time is really quick (takes about an hour) and very satisfying.  So this has been an easy project to work on here and there despite my classes & homework.


Gah - for such a small project this one is taking forever to finish up!  I was so inspired to do a project to represent my time in Thailand, and now I've been back for longer than I was gone and it's still not done!  I pull it out every couple months and kinda look at it, try to figure out how to get my ideas to translate into fabric.  This one is getting dangerously close to 'UFO' territory.


I've been wanting to do a series of monochromatic quilts just to play with the colors.  I've actually sewn a bunch of these strips together but then, again, decided there were too many light-lights for the effect I was looking for.  So I went out and bought more dark red fabrics and need to go back to the cutting mat as it were.  The series will be all lap-sized quilts, and simple stripes, so they won't take me very long.... but with everything else on the table, who knows when I'll get them done.

Super secret incredibly awesome if I ever actually get it finished quilt:

I've got the fabrics, I've got a pattern sketched out, I've even put together a bit of a prototype for it.  I'm excited, but I feel like I will need a lot of free time and mental space to work on this... it's not really suited for putting together one small part & putting it away like the scrabble quilt is.  So, I plan to devote most of the month-long break between summer term and fall term to work on it.

The UFOs:

Yeah, I've still got this one hanging around (literally... in the closet).  And I've still got the two quilt tops I inherited from older relatives.  Someday.  SOMEDAY!  Some magical day when I don't have classes and don't have any more pressing / more interesting projects to work on I may actually pull these out and get them quilted up. Someday.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pretty Pinwheels

Well, I took about every shortcut possible quilting up Pinwheels, but it still took a while to get it all done.  

I just used diagonal wavy-lines for the pinwheel portion, stripes for the inner border and I was *not* about to outline-quilt each and every one of the 'piano-keys' so I just stitched a few lines on each side - just enough to tack it down.  Then machine stitched the binding.  Finished size is a bit under 45"x60"... a good lap size / baby quilt.

The backing - ugh.  I'm so lazy sometimes.  I didn't even check to see if it was all lined up properly before I started quilting it.   Oh well, maybe slanty quilt backings are the new 'modern' technique. ;)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cannon Beach

I've been feeling rather drained lately, and have really needed to get away to recharge.  I managed to pick the absolutely most perfect day to head to the beach.  The weather was amazing - sunny and warm with only a little wind.  Gorgeous!