Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2013 - Part One

Once again, it's my favorite summer event - the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  If you love quilts, it's worth a trip out to this show, at least once in your life.  It may not have as many competition-level quilts as the show in Houston, but maybe that's why I love it so much.  Just beautiful quilts, out in the sunshine. 

 The weather this year was amazing, absolutely perfect, 82 degrees, bright sunshine and a light breeze.  I was plenty warm enough, but the heat-haters out there weren't melting either.  And no rain to end the show short, so that was nice. 

Every year, I say I'm just going to pick out a few of my favorite quilts to show here... but then I start going through and they're all my favorites.  So it'll take a couple of posts to show off all my favorite quilts.

Sunbonnet Sue is such a classic, and I love seeing how quilters continue to reinvent her year after year.  This one shows has her "bonnet" as different flowers.  The names of each flower are embroidered in the corner of each block.  Very creative and cute. 

Dresden plate quilts are another classic, this one was beautifully executed!

I saw a few examples of this winter-embroidery pattern, but this was my favorite.  The blue embroidery thread and iridescent quilting thread just gave it such a snowy feel. 

Pinwheels are another favorite of mine... I just love scrap quilts.  

There were some breath-taking works of art, both traditional and more modern, but sometimes looking at those quilts can make me feel intimidated - I don't think I'll ever reach that skill level.  But then I see quilts like these, bright, beautiful, well executed quilts and I think - yeah... these are wonderful too!  So I appreciate seeing these normal-skill-level quilts, and would encourage any hobby-quilter to think about sending a quilt out to this show.  It's just fun to see them all!

 But speaking of amazing quilts I could never make - this sunset quilt was gorgeous.  The ones below just drew me in with their colors!

It wasn't just amazing works of art or traditional scrap quilts.  There were also quilts with a sense of humor.  This one really drew a crowd and had people laughing.  It was titled "What women want." 

So there's your first taste of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show of 2013.  I'll post a few more pictures later. 

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