Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2011 - Teacher's Tent

As if all of the other quilts in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt show were not amazing enough, I've saved some of the best for last.  These quilts are all from the Teacher's Tent, and represent some of the highest quality design & quilting I have ever seen.  The variety of styles and techniques were impressive and again blow away many stereotypes about quilts and the artisans who make them.

 This one's for Exuberant Color.... looks like one you just finished.
Like many advanced quilts, this is one that gives you one impression from father away, but then close up gives some surprises.
I love the little alien getting into his spaceship.  There were also stars and planets quilted into the background - adorable!

This quilt used a fairly traditional pattern, but went buck-wild with the colors.  Loved the batiks.

I really want to make a quilt like this!

So yes, most of the quilters at the show were women, but this flat-out-funky quilt was made by a man, and I actually got to talk to him a bit about his work.
I had kidded him asking "Are you doing your part to get more men into quilting?" and in fact he does quilting workshops for kids - boys and girls.  I just think it can only help the craft to have people with different backgrounds, different interests and different artistic visions participating and creating incredible new quilts.

Check out this stunning example of thread-painting.
It was just so rich, complex and layerd.
This one, in contrast, was modern & minimalist.
Whole-cloth quits like this one show off the quilting rather than piecing.
The stitching was absolutely spectacular, so fine and detailed.
Here's another with dramatically detailed quilting.
This pictorial quilt was like a cool breeze through the crowded tent.
On the flip side, this soft, rich, velvety quilt was radiating warm fuzzy energy.

And that was it for the Teacher's Tent, which wraps up Sister's Quilt show.  It was so much fun, getting to gab with other quilters on the bus, hanging out with my buddy, seeing a quilt of my own hanging up outside with all the rest, just an amazing show all around.  I can't wait to go again!!!


Kaye said...

Oh man, that winter scene quilt looks amazing right now! Ha ha!

Exuberant Color said...

I really like that spiral! AND the colorful star! Thanks for sharing your photos.