Friday, July 1, 2011

Feeling like Don Quixote

I've been fighting with this windmill quilt since my last post.  I had foolishly announced that I was almost done with the quilting.  Well, after I'd done the first pass with the wavy lines I realized it needed more.  I doubled the amount of quilting and that took time.  I'm really happy with how that turned out though.

Then I stitched a couple line of the border, but didn't like how it looked so I ripped them out and started over. I'm mostly happy with how the borders turned out.... but not the corners.

I'd intended to just do an outline box in the pink square, and to have the parallel lines stay on the white part.  But the first two rows I did, I sewed from the back side and just went right into the pink square.  I figured it would look fine if I just kept going... but honestly I hate it.  Soooooo.... I'm going to pick out those stitches... just the ones that run into the pink.  But I'm so frustrated with how the finishing up has been going that I'm just going to set it aside for a while.  It's bound so it's technically 'done' if I decide not to do anything... but the corners are going to bug me so I will fix them eventually.  Gah!

In other news, I mailed off my quilt to the Sister's Quilt show which is NEXT WEEKEND!!!  I'm so excited.  I've got a friend coming up from Salem and we'll take the bus together.  It should be a really good time.


Kaye said...

You better not forget the camera!!!!

But hey, at least the binding is done, right? ;0)

Michael5000 said...

Heh heh.... Don Quixote... I get it!