Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Lanterns

I've been hanging out on Craftster again and got a great idea for a Halloween craft.

I went to SCRAP to pick up some orange tissue paper & a few sheets of black construction paper.  Have I mentioned how much I love SCRAP?  I got a bunch of things while I was there (including a book about Japanese inspired quilts for $1), but the paper products cost less than 50 cents.  Not too shabby.  I grabbed a few old glass jars from the cupboard and got to work.

It's pretty self-explanatory, I ripped up the tissue paper and layered it on with the collage glue.  I actually mixed a bit of glitter in with the glue, although I'm not sure how noticeable it is.

Then while the glued dried, I cut out the face pieces.  Then I glued them on as well, and covered the whole thing with another layer of glue.

Stick a little tea-light in the jar and they're good to go!
 (I need to get a taper for the taller skinny bottle... none of the candles I have at home worked)

Now, when I went to work today and was bragging about my newest little craft project, my coworker listened polite and responded "Yeah, I think we did those in kindergarten."  Oh well, it's not the first time that I've displayed the artistic ability of a 5 year old. =P


Kaye said...

Well we never did anything that cool in Kindergarten, so I think they're pretty neat!

florapie said...

Well, you've inspired me to tackle these with my 4 year old! Probably less messy than real jack o'lanterns, although I'm sure we'll have to make those too :)

Rebel said...

Yeah, they were super fun, and super cheap, I highly recommend it as a kid-friendly activity. =)