Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mug Rugs

I almost forgot about these!  Back in December or January I'd decided to make a couple mug rugs from assorted scraps.  I'd finished up one pretty quickly and took it to work where it dutifully keeps my tea or ice water from dripping on my desk.  But I thought I'd make a few more for home too.

I started with all my red, pink and white scraps, chain pieced them into bigger and bigger pieces, then cut them all down to a mug-rug size (5x7 ish)

Then when I had them all quilted I put them away and figured I'd bind them later.  I hate doing binding. 

Yesterday (eight months later!) I was trying to reorganize my stash when I found them and decided I may as well finish them up.

Nothing special, just cute & fun.  You can take your pick as to which side is the front and which is the back. 

And here's the action shot:

I guess the idea of a mug rug (as opposed to a coaster) is that there's room for both your mug and a cookie or pastry.  I have to say, having used picture coasters, knitted coasters and now quilted mug rugs, the quilted mug rug wins for actually soaking up condensation and keeping the table surface unharmed.  w00t - practicality for the win!

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