Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2012 - part 1

It was another beautiful day in Sisters when I got off the bus and wandered into town.  But as some of you may know - it didn't stay that way!!  (more on that later)  Now, I've been to the quilt show several times now, but it is still exciting to see the whole town covered in quilts.  

Here are some general pictures of the quilts that caught my eye.  I'll share a few more theme-focused posts later.
I adore scrappy quilts, the more colors & patterns the better.  This one has a really fun 4-patch / 9 patch pattern.

There were a number of log-cabin quilts, but this one was particularly stunning.
Go Ducks!

 Again, I love quilts with lots and lots and lots of different colors and fabrics... these look terrific with the dark borders.

On the flip side, this muted quilt highlighting one fabric is so soothing, like looking out the window on a cool winter day. 

Ooops - I forgot to rotate this one, but you get the idea... lots of bright colors, I like the combination of circles and squares, and thing the grey background makes the bright colors pop!

These spectacular quilts push the boundaries into fabric sculpture.  I couldn't get any closer - too many people ooooohing and aaaaahing over them!

This one I liked for the dark cool colors, and an interesting twist on traditional flying geese. Gorgeous!

And to brighten things up - these sweet pastel quilts looked very pretty in the sunshine. 
This one makes me think of watermelon... even though the colors aren't quite exactly right for that.  Cute pattern.

I'll close this post out with a view of the side wall of the Stitching Post (the shop that hosts the quilt show)... these are all the employee quilts, I really wish I could have gotten up close to more of them they were so beautiful!

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Kaye said...

Too cool! And looks like it was great weather too!
Can't wait for Installment #2!