Friday, March 30, 2012

Pinwheels in progress

Believe it or not I have been trying to squeeze in working on some quilts between work and taking Spanish classes.  I'd hoped to finish one up over spring break... but I'm not quite there yet.

Back well before 2008 I had decided to make a flower-basket type quilt for my niece.  This was the general plan:

And here were the first few fabrics I'd cut out :

But... it sat in a box for a good long time.  Finally last year I opened it up and did a test block.  I didn't like it and made a vague decision to just make a bunch of half-square triangles and then see what else I could do with them.  

HSTs are a bit addictive though... once you start it's hard to stop. 

Anytime I was bored (aka procrastinating to avoid writing a Spanish paper) I'd just cut up some 3 1/2" squares and spend an hour sewing them up.  I've probably got enough for a full sized quilt... but I don't like making big quilts so I'll probably make two smaller quilts.

First up - pinwheels!

That pink is not the background or anything - it's just the back of another quilt I'm using as a 'design wall' of sorts.  

I've actually added a 'piano keys' scrap border... and am about to start the quilting.  Hopefully I'll manage to finish this one up before I get swamped with homework from my next class!!

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