Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Goals

For 2012 I'm going to focus a couple of really important goals. 

1. Start Grad School
I've still got a few more things to complete the application process.  And there are two more pre-requisite classes I'll need to take.  Then I should be set to start in the Fall.  My biggest priority this year will again be taking classes, doing homework, trying to get good grades, and trying my best to pay for it all without going into debt.

2.  Weigh less at the end of 2012 than I do right now.  
I know, it's such a classic resolution... and a classic failed resolution.  But it needs to happen. And I do have a bit of a plan.

I'm already participating in a "Healthy Team - Healthy You" program at work, and this will continue through January and February.  There is also a "Healthy Steps" program at work where you can record your workouts or health education activities to earn points.  Earn a certain number of points and you can earn $200 at the end of the year.  I was signed up for 2011 but stopped recording my activities half way through and didn't accumulate enough points.  So one of my sub-goals for 2012 will be to complete this program and earn the $200. 

The other thing I'm going to focus on is food.  I have really cut back on the amount of soda and fast food I've consumed, and I want to build on that.  I'm going to allow myself either fast-food or soda about once a week for the year... I've given myself 52 cards, and will toss one of those cards each time I eat fast food (for the purposes of this goal, the sushi-go-round near my apartment will not count as fast food, but the cheeseburgers at my work cafeteria will) or drink soda (and for the purposes of this goal, any sugar-added bottled beverage will count as 'soda' - Snapple for example; but brewed tea or coffee that I add sugar to will not, 100% fruit juice does not count either).

I'm also going to try to focus my diet more on fruits and veggies and eat according to this pyramid.  Fewer processed foods, less meat & dairy.  To do this I'm going to spend less time cooking and baking and being a foodie.  It'll be a process. We'll see how it goes.

That's as much as I really need to focus on this year.  Although I do have one other crafty goal. 

3.  12 projects in 2012.
I'll count knitting projects, quilts, embroidery and pretty much any other hand work.  I'm going to focus on finish up my current WIPs.  I'll do a WIP inventory in a future blog post.

So that's it, those are my goals for 2012.  Pretty big goals but I'm hoping that they will lead to some pretty big improvements in my life. 

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Michael5000 said...

Systematization! Woo woo!

My week-to-week veggie goal is helping, I think...