Sunday, December 25, 2011

TL: DR Socks

When my Spanish class ended I suddenly had a lot of free time to do something other than study verb tenses.  But the break before class starts again is only three weeks... not quite enough time to make a quilt.  So I cast on a pair of socks. 

I'm not a big fan of sock-knitting.  I just like having socks that fit and don't fall down.  But I figured I'd try giving the magic loop 2 socks at the same time method.  I had some instructions that I'd printed out... and I was even watching a you-tube video.  Nope- wasn't happening.  The cord of my circular needle kept coiling up and flipping around and I could never tell which part of the row was the top or the bottom.  The working yarn kept getting tangled up.  I must have cast on and ripped back at least three times before I finally gave up.

The thing is... I was in no real mood to try anything new.  I found a pretty generic pattern for cuff down socks and cast on for just one.  Now... I've not knitted a lot of proper shoe-socks, but I've made a ton of Fuzzy Feet slippers, which are essentially just very big socks, so I had the general concept down.  Just needed to be given a number of cast on stitches and reminders on how to turn the heel & how to Kitchner-stitch the toe.

But even that got to be more reading than I really cared to do as a result of not really reading the instructions too thoroughly the gusset decreases on one of the socks are a bit hap-hazard.  Oh well.  I finished them up and they do in fact fit nicely. 

I decided to call them my Teal Deer socks, mostly because I had a bit of a  "too long; didn't read"  relationship with the pattern, but also because look- kinda looks like the color of a deer with a bit of teal in there for fun.

w00t!  Christmas Socks.

Yarn: Fingering weight Superwash Merino
Needles: size 1 Addi turbos, 47" cable (I don't like the cable, but the tips are good), ML one at a time.
Cast on: 58 stitches - cuff down
Heel: Eye of Partridge
Toe: classic/standard (totally botched the direction of the decreases on the first sock)
Cast off: 8 stitches on top, 8 stitches on the bottom... next pair I'll cast off sooner to get a toe that matches my actual toe a bit better.

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Batty said...

Very nice! And yes, they do look kind of teal deer-ish!